Attn: Entrepreneurs...
Finally! How To Double or Triple the Leads and Sales on Your Pages and Funnels with One Simple Tool!
(and NO, you DON'T have to become an expert at conversion, marketing, or ads, or spend ANY more time that I know you don’t have)
  • Optimize the products and services you sell
  • Automate and streamline your tools
  • Save money and sanity without looking for the next best thing
From: Tim Brady
RE: Entrepreneurs
Dear Business Owner,
If you want more traffic, leads, and sales, optimized offers that convert, or even if you just want to increase your confidence in your system, funnels, and workflow, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's Internet market landscape, you can't duct tape your online offers together and hope to stand out!

My name is Tim Brady and I'm an expert in sales and conversion on the Internet. I work with business owners everyday, helping them optimize and build beautiful pipelines for their clients and customers, and I do it...using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is going to give you EVERYTHING you need to build, optimize, and sell more of your goods and services.

Every minute you waste is another minute spent on funnels not designed to put more money in your pockets.

Just take a look at what can happen when you convert from OptimizePress to ClickFunnels!
50% of online businesses fail.
The Internet is a popular place and it's more important than EVER to make sure you're ready to stand out.
With your existing system in place, do any of these struggles sound familiar?
  • You watch a new webinar or read a book about a great way to maximize your sales with an order bump or an upsell, and then spend 5 hours trying to wrangle your payment gateway into submission?
  • You are frustrated at HOW LONG it takes to duplicate and rearrange your offers in your existing landing page builder?
  • Your landing pages don’t talk right to your payment gateway, and don't get me started on trying to create filtered email sequences that match what they buy... (what a joke!)
  • Your pages just never look as good as your competitors and you wonder what secret sauce they have that you don’t.
  • Things load so slowly and your WP site is just bogged down with all these plugins and pages that get messed up every time you have to update the plugin.
In Fact, That's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of the Frustrations I hear from other Entrepreneurs.
But ever since I started using ClickFunnels for me and my clients, the changes are dramatic!
The reasons I help my clients get onto ClickFunnels are simple…
ClickFunnels is LITERALLY helping people make millions, and do it easier than any other time in HISTORY.
With traditional landing page builders, you're having to pay for e-comm gateways, SSL, and members areas, all in pieces.
With ClickFunnels, you won't have to figure out how to get all these tools to "talk" to each other. You’ll save both time and money with one solution that’s seamless and integrated.
With one line of support, you'll get a community of 40,000 other users, a dedicated support staff, and service providers who know how to use CF.
You'll have more money, more leads, more time, and more sales.
That’s why I developed the FREE ClickFunnels Migration Package for my customers, and I’d like to offer it to you too!
When you sign up for ClickFunnels with me as your provider, you'll get a FREE Migration* from the landing page builder you currently use into ClickFunnels.
When you move from your existing landing page to ClickFunnels, you'll feel relief that you are using the most sophisticated design tool on the Internet today.
Duplicating sections, pages, and even entire funnels will give you MORE time to work on the business you love.
You'll immediately grab the attention of your ideal clients and customers and be able to add extra pages that will help pay the cost of advertising.
I’ll migrate up to 5 pages from your existing landing page software, FREE*. ensure your success with ClickFunnels...
A 30 Minute ClickFunnels Tour of your MIGRATED pages
I'll show you where your pages are, and give you some ideas of what you can add to them to make them even more powerful.
My ClickFunnels Checklist
Everything you need to do to make sure ClickFunnels is optimized to its potential.
So Here's The Bottom Line With The ClickFunnels FREE Migration Package
ClickFunnels has 40,000 users and counting, and has turned at least 75 entrepreneurs into MILLIONAIRES. People like Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and other top marketers are using ClickFunnels, and with an affordable plan to get started, you’ll not only save thousands of hours of time, you’ll save money too. You will not have to buy membership software, ecomm software, or webinar software. It’s all included.
To your success,
Tim Brady
P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute another business owner can snatch up my deal. Because I handle the migrations personally, I can only take a few a month!

Act now before my free offer expires!

P.P.S. - Sound to good to be true? Let me explain how this works...
When you sign up through ClickFunnels through my link, I receive a small commission from them, but it doesn't cost you anything more to sign up this way. Because they offer me this commission, I'm able to offer you the migration service for FREE! Sounds like a pretty sweet win-win, right?!

If you've still got questions, feel free to reach out to me personally at the support link below.
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